White Looper Bug 1/32oz

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This is my smaller 1/32 Oz. Looper Bug with a #6 chemically sharpened hook and an oven baked powder coated finish. This bug is even more deadly than the original 1/16 Oz. and features a sparser and shorter marabou body. They have been extensively tested by some of the top anglers on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It’s our favorite size and the top producer for Kamloops, Steelhead and Coho. Fish under a weighted float 2-4 feet, tipped with a waxie, on 4-6lb line. This jig can also be fished through the ice for Trout and Salmon, again tipped with a waxie, on 4-6lb line. These can also be deadly for Panfish in open water or through the ice!